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An unexpected robbery

It was a beautiful Friday afternoon. I and my cousin were shopping in a trade center. I was very happy, because I had bought wonderful clothes. We were talking outside, when suddenly we saw the police. We were scared because when we were inside, we had heard something strange, but we didn’t know what was that. The policeman interviewed us and we found out that during we were shopping, someone was robbering the shop next to us. Unfortunately we found out couple hours later, that this person was our friend, who hasn’t got much money. We were very sad.
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When I was 7 years old I went to England with my best friend. I was there for two months. One day I went out with my dog like every morning. When I came back home I found that I hadn't door keys . I thought that I losted them. I also found that I forgot my mobile phone in home. My best friend was at the work and the door was locked . I found out that the window in a second floor is open. So I started to cimbing but I suddenly fell down and broke my leg. The pain was horrible . My neighbour heard my scream and when he came to me I asked him for help. That was the worst day in my life I'will always renember this one.

Praca w 100% mojego autorstwa, według własnego pomysłu :)
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