In pairs, talk about one of your relationships. Use these expressions and the phrasal verbs:
fallen out, get on, go out, look after, split up.
She's very unfair/so easy to talk to/ got a great sense of humor.
She trusts me/gives me a lot of freedom/ irritates me
We have a good relationship/ a lot in common
We used to argue quite often
I used to get on with her really well
A i get on really well with him
B Is it your brother?
A no, it isn't... he gives me a lot of freedom...



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A: I really have a very good relationship with that person. It is so easy to talk to her and she's got a wonderful sense of humour.
B: Is it your sister?
A: No, it isn't. We get on very well together. She gives me a lot of freedom and I trust her so much.
B:Is that your mother?
A: No, it isn't. We have a lot in common. She sometimes looks after my dog when I go to school for the whole day.
B: Is that your girlfriend?
A: No, it isn't. We used to go out together but we started to argue quite often. She started to irritate me and we split out.
B: I know! It's Kate, your best friend!
A: Yes, after we split up, we started a great friendship. She's the best person I know and I can really rely on her.

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