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1. nie mozesz powiedziec die tylko die out
Sometimes natural disaster such as earthquake destroy small group of people who live in far away places. The most serious problem comes from the big world lanquages such as English, Spanish. Today, mainly because of America, English is the first world of the world, and it's very hard for smaller lanquages.
2People leanr English becaude they want to travel to other countries. It's very important for people to speak English in England. Moreover they want to become a teacher.
3. Germany - german
the Czech Republic - zzech
Slovakia - slovak
Lithuania - lithuanian
Russia - russian
Belorus - belorussian
the Ukraine - ukrainian
2. In order can communicate with other Englischmen.
3. They are close meighbours germany, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, They are saying in languages with deuch, byelorussian, Ukrainian, Czech, Slovenian.
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1.Languages die becouse people don't use the their own language (they use another languages this their lot of people on world understand)

2.People use English becouse it is a language with them we can speak and understand another people all over the world ( English is Internationality language)

3. The closest neighbours of Polend are: 1 and they speak: 2
1Czech republic - 2Czech
1Germany - 2German
1Slovakia - 2Slovak
1Belorussia - 2Belorussian
1Ukraine - 2Ukrainian
1Russia - 2Russian
1Lithuania - 2Lithuanian