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Muzeum historii naturalnej -
Work on the building began in 1873 and completed it in 1880. The official opening took place in 1881.
Museum collection has more than 70 million items, and the whole is divided into 5 main sections: botany, entomology, mineralogy, paleontology and zoology. Great popularity in a simulated earthquake, which visitors can experience and the dinosaur gallery, where there is a roaring, moving dinosaur-robot. In the main hall is a famous fossil skeleton of Diplodocus.
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An Eiffel Tower is the most well-known architectural object of Paris. She was uplifted in 1889. He is the highest building in Paris and fifth as for the height in French. He is standing in the city centre, on Seine, at the north-western end of Grim Pol.
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Jedną z najsławniejszych budowli świata jest Wieża Eiffla. Zaprojektowana przez Gustava Eiffla konstrukcja ma ponad 300m. "Dama paryża" jest odwiecznym symbolem Francji. Znajduje się ona ona na Polu Marsowym. Stojąca na czterech, ogromnych nogach budowla zwieńczona jest długą stalową szyją na której widnieje flaga Francji.

One of most famous building in the world in the Eiffel Tower. Designed by Gustav Eiffel construction is over 300m over the ground. "The Paris Lady" is a symbol of Paris. It stands on Champ de Mars. Standing on forum, huge legs building ends by long neck made of steel, and on the top is the flag of France.
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