Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
The house of my dreams is located on the beach, near the ocean. It is made of brick and painted on my favorite colour. There are some red and yellow flowers on the windowsills.
My house has got two floors, basement and the attic. I’ve got six rooms, bathroom, kitchen and a toilet.
One of the room on the first floor is filled with paintings, drawings and artistic things. I’ve got a piano in the second room. Third room is a saloon in which i’ve got my computer, television, and many games to play. I can listen to music there and sing in karaoke style. There is a huge kitchen on the first floor of my dream house. It has a large refrigetator, many bar chairs, glass cases, dishwasher and a long kitchen leaf. I can make some ice cream any flavor i want in my special ice-cream automat.
The toilet is small and full of green tiles.
On the second floor there are three other rooms. One of them is my bedroom in which i have my large bed. There are some posters on the wall. I’ve got some lockers and some interesting books there too.
The next room is my dressingroom. I keep there all of my special clothes.
The last room is a gym. That is a place where i can train for fitness.
In the bathroom i’ve got a big bath-tub with bubbles and hydromassage option, some towels, mirrors, cosmetics and a wash-basin.
The attic is full of old things.
In the basement i keep my bike. The garage it there too – I’ve got a car in it
My backyard is nice too. There are a lot of green places, a forest and a swing. I even have a swimming pool on the back of my dream house.
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