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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
It is that the most beautiful period in our life is when we are teenagers.
It seems that teenagers have no problems as do not have to work , care about their families or haveany duties.But it is not true , they have many problems in fact. The first problem is school.Young people have to learn a lot , teatchers sometimes do not understand that you cannot only learn, and you should also have some time for fun and entertainment. School is very important for young people but it is not possible to learn all the time , especially if every teacher considers his subject as the most important one.
The second problemof teenagers is their parens, they do not understand the problems of young people. They usually do not trust them, they do not remember what they did when they were young.They give advice too often and they do not remember that making mistakes is the best way of learning in life.
Teenagers always try very hard to be accepted by their friends.It is really very important for them, so they wear strange things which seem terrible for their parents but which are very fashionable among young people. Parents and teachers often criticize the clothes, jewellery or tatooes of teenagers, because they do not remember that they were the same many years ago. For younge people it is very important to wear strange , but fashionable things as in this way they feel accepted by others.
Teenagers always have some problems but after some years they do not remember these problems very well and that time seems very happy to them.
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