12 October 1994
July 4 1971
December 13 1981
January 23 2004
12 pażdziernika 1994r=the twelfth October thousand nine hundred of the ninetieth fourth year

4 lipca 1971r=July the fourth thousand nine hundred of the seventieth first year

13 grudnia 1981r=December the thirteenth thousand nine hundred of the eightieth first year

23 stycznia 2004r =the twentieth third January of the two thousandth fourth year
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
12 pażdziernika 1994r - twelfth October nineteen ninety-four
4 lipca 1971r - fourth July nineteen seventy-one
13 grudnia 1981r - thirteenth December nineteen eighty-one
23 stycznia 2004r - twenty-third January two thousand and four