Proszę odpowiedzcie mi na te pytania ;) odpowiedzi oczywiście mogą być zmyślone ;D
1) what influences you when you are shopping?
2)do you think it's worth waiting for the sales to do your shopping? why?
3) is it important to wear the latest fashions? why?
4) do you think that people buy more than they need? why?
5) is it a good idea to have a credid card? why?



When I am on shopping, I always look for sales.
I think it's very good idea. Then, it is possible to buy something cheaper.
For me it is very important. I'm interested on fashion and I like new clothes.
People often buy more than they need, because it's a lot of promotion in shops.
I think it isn't good idea to have a credit card. It is possible to lose it and it's possible to issue whole amount fastly.