You are writing an article for a magazine of celebrations and special days in Britain. Your article is about River Football in Bourton-on-the-Water. Look at the notes and write a short description of the event.

NAME: August Bank Holiday

DATE: Last Monday in August

HISTORY: Started over 100 years ago. No one really knows why

EVENTS: River football Bourton Rovers 1st team against Bourton Rovers 2nd team. 15 minutes each way. 6 players each side. Often ends in a giant water fight. Hundreds of people come to watch. Local food and drink for sale and childrens games on the village green.

ADJECTIVES: Funny, wet, exciting, competitive, shallow.

The Bourton-on-the-Water River Football tournament takes place on the August Bank Holiday.

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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Last Monday we could see a fantastic River Footbal Tournament beetween Bourton Rovers 1st team and Bourton Rovers 2nd team. It takes place on the August Bank Holiday.
It started over 100 years ago. No one exactly knows why. But today all of the inhabitants are sure, that this is the most exciting event in their city.
There were 6 players on each side. The competition often ends in a giant water fight. After an hour of wonderful game Bourton Rovers 1st team showed his preponderance on Bourton Rovers 2nd team.
Thousands of people come to watch the tournament. Durning the competition people could taste local food and drink, prepared by children living there.

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