Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1) Last Saturday Amy, a 15-year-old student and her sister were driving to a party organised by a friend form Amy's sister class. When they came they were greeted by Luke and they got inside. There were a lot of people, who Amy didn't know. Amy sat down in a quiet room and watched the tv. After a while she fell asleep. She was woken up by a terryfing scream. She ran out and saw her drunk sister sleeping on the sofa. It was about 2 am. Amy took her unconscious sister drove away. Amy didn't know how to drive. After few meters she was stopped by a police car. She was so scared that she accelarated, but she banged into a lamp.
The policeman got out of his car. He came to Amy's car and knocked quietly in the window, which immidiately was opened. He greeted Amy and asked for the driving licence. Amy was so scared that she couldn't do and say anything. Her drunk sister said to the policeman to . He peered at Amy and asked how old was she. Then he realised that she isn't 18 and just said You are under arrest!

2) I got up at 7am. I washed my teeth and ate brakfast. It was Friday - a day when I had a history test. I went to school. My first lesson was english so fortunately I could repeat some dates. After english i had history. When we wento into the class out teacher gave us two papers with questions. I tried to open my book quietly and rewrite some deifnitions. Suddenly my angry teacher took my test and gave me an F. I was shocked! I didn't see her looking at me. Someone should tell her about it. The rest of the lesson I spend sitting and peering our teacher. After history we had Citizen ship. I was asked to the answer, but i didn't prepare myself to this. I tried to remember anything, but i couldn't so i sat down with F. I was so angry that today is such a bad day. The next lessons weren't as bad as history and Citizen ship. I got D in Biology for a test and B in polish. I hope that such a day will never happen again.