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My room it's quite big. The walls are red and the floor is brown. My bed is on the right of the room oposite the door. I keep my radio-cassette plyer on the floor near the bed. There's a brown bookshelf above the bed with lots books on it.
Between the windows there's a wordrobe. Near the wardrobe, on the left, there's a radiator. In front of the window with a desk next to it. There's a mirror abovee the armchair and waterpaper bin under it. there's a noticeboard on the wall above the desk. Oh, I forgot, there's also carpet on the floor.

Opis mojego pokoju. dostałam za niego 5.:P jak chcesz tłumaczenie to pisz na priv.;p
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My ideal room should be a very big. I would like to decorate the walls with wallpapers and pictures. I would like to have wardrobe,bookcase,bookshelf,desk. I think i would spend most of time in this room playing computer and listen to music.
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