Work in pairs. Give your opinions on the topics below and justify them.

1.Are friends more important than family for most young people?

Ma to być dialog dwuosobowy, w miarę możliwości dluższy. Coś takiego ze jeden kumpel pyta drugiego i mowią co na ten temat mysla. Dzieki z góry i prosze bo to na jutro na ważną ocene.



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MARLENE Before we go in, just a word of warning about my younger brother.
URSULA Oh, is there something wrong with him ?
MARLENE Oh no, don't worry. It's just that he loves playing pranks on people.
URSULA What sort of pranks ?
MARLENE Well yesterday, for example, he put a big plastic spider on the toilet seat and my little sister ran out screaming her head off when she saw it.
URSULA So he's a bit of a joker.
MARLENE He certainly is. So just be prepared.
to co mi przyszło do głowyto napisałam nie umiem lepiej ale mysle ze chociarz troszke pomogłam ;p
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-Hi! I have questions for you. What do you thing, are friends more important than family for most young people?
-Oh, It's very good questions I thing...
-I know, and I have problem with that.
-I'm young, and I ansver you. My frends are very good, I like their, but family... I love my family... My mum, dad, and other are very important for me.
-OK. But We spent more time with friends, no with family.
-Yes, I know. I too. But when I'm bad, I come back to my family, friends are to funny, family to love, I thing
-I agree with up. Thanks for help, it was to homework to my school.
-OK, I go to my family, becouse I have any problem with my heart.
-I go too, bye!
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- Jim, what do you think about our homework.
- You mean that one with us writing a dialog between two people talking about are friends more important then family?
- Yes. I personally think that most teenagers prefer their friends,
because their family is often old fashioned and embarrassing.
- That was my impression two, you now, when you are a teenager
your parents seem very unreasonable and stupid. And your parents think the same about you.
- Yeah, wretched isn't it.
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