Napisać raport na temat miasta.
Opisać 3 rzeczy pozytywne i 3 negatywne:
1.many modern hotels,cheep reservation
2.tourist information center
3.beautiful old monuments,fantastic gothic church i nie wiem jak napisac mury obronne,rynek,kamieniczki
1.unfriendly people
2.any discos,here is'nt exciting night life
3.street crime
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The aim of this report..
There are several positive things...

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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Many of inhabitants of our city claim that (jakies miasto) its firendly city but other thinks different. the aim of this report is answer of the question: who has a right?

There are several positive things, firstly our city's surroundings.there is many old monuments, churches. the one of main attraction is beatiful gothic church in the center. everything is in very good condition. moreover, if we want to visit this city we havent got any problems with accommodation. there are many modern and cheap hotels. whats more, if you want to know more about our city you can go to the tourist information center. they they answer for your each question. you can buy there some souvenirs too.

but on the other hand there is some negative points, for example entertaiment. there isnt any night life. there is no discos, pubs or clubs wchich are open after 10pm. because of it there in crimes on the street. young people are boren at night and have got stupid ideas for example thefts. furthermore, in our city often can meet unfriendly people. they cant say 'sorry' and usually are nasty.

to sum up, it turns out thah our city is interesting but there are many thing which should change.
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