Lets promise that well never outgrow Christmas.
Lets promise that well always hold on tight to the feelings
That we had when we where children -
When Christmas was a thing of pure delight.
Lets never lose that special sense of wonder
That came from looking forward to the night
When delicious expectation were rewarded -
That once-a-year to when all the world seemed right
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas!
Much happiness, health and success, piles of gifts, a dream come true, nice guy
And a New Year. Let abundantly give, what is the best!

Wesołych Świąt!
Dużo szczęścia, zdrowia i sukcesów, stosy prezentów, spełnienia marzeń, ładnego chłopaka.
Niech nowy rok obficie da, co ma najlepszego!