Mam udzielić odpowiedzi na pytania:
1)Did you have a large breakfast this morning?What did you have?
2)What time did you leave home?
3)How did you get to school? Did you walk?
4)Were you early, late or on time?
5)Who did you see first at school?
6)What did you talk about?
7)What did you take with you to school? A bag? A musical instrument? A football? Did you forget anything?
8)What time did your first lesson start?



1)yes, i did. I had two sausages and some bread.
2) I left home about 7:30 am
3) No i didn't. I went by bus.
4) I was on time.
5) Maths teacher
6) About exam and my notes.
7) Only bag i I forgot about one exercise book
8) At 8:00 o'clock
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1. No, I didn't have a large breakfast this morning. I had only a sandwich with ham.
2. I left home at 7.30.
3. I got to school on foot.
4. I was quite on time.
5. I saw first my history teacher. uhh, It was a terrible meeting.
6. Hm, I just said 'Good Morning'.
7. I took my big bag with a lot of books. yes I forgot my english notebook.
8. My first lesson started at 8 o'clock.
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1. no, I had a few sandwiches
2. I left the house about 7 o'clock
3. i came by bus
4. not missed
5. the first school teacher, I saw
6. I talked about football match
7. took everything I need
8. first lesson began with an 8 o'clock