I was supposed to be in the cinema at 8 o'clock that evening but unfortunately due to heavy traffic jams I couldn't be there on time. When finally I reached my aim at 8:15 I realised that my friends had already got in.I didn't even know what film they chose so I had to guess.Unfortunately after some time it turned out that I had been wrong and spent that 3 boring hours alone.
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Last week decided to go to the cinema to watch a really good film "This is it". It was the last day that they were showing the film in, i was really exited. I walked into the theater, sat down and started to eat the popcorn that i bought. The movie started, I was surprised because they were showing some cartoons but i thought it was just the advertisements. 30 minutes have passed by and still no Michael Jackson, I asked the person next to me about the title of the film. It turned out it was some new cartoon film that came out not a long time ago. I ran out of the room and wanted to go to the one where they were playing "This is it" but the worker there said it's too late because the movie already started. I was really mad, it was a disaster.

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