Use the prompts to make sentences, as ine the examples:

-not/see him

I haven't seen him since January.

- live here

I have lived here for a lon time.

-be in england,
- not/travel aboad,
- not/tidy aboad,
- know John,
- not/watch,
- not/sleep,
- not/eat
- have this bike,
- January,
- a long time,
-two years,
- three months,
- 1985,
- ten years,
-yesterday evening,
-last Monday,
-last year,



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.I have't worked a long time
2.I have been in England last year
3.I have't traveled aboar last Monday
4.I have tidied aboar last year
5.I have known John in January
6.I have't watched Tv on Friday
7.I havet slept yesturday evening
8.I have't eaten in the 1985 :D:D:D
9.I have had this bike three months ago

mam nadzieje ze oto chodzilo:))
I won't wark today.
Have You ever been to England?
I can't travel aboad because i haven't passport.
- not/tidy aboad,
I know John.
I didn't watch this movie.
I can't sleep in tent.
I don't eat meat.
have this bike,
January is my favourite month
A long time ago I visit my cousin in Japan.
-two years,
- three months,
I born in 1985.
I going to swim at Friday.
- ten years,
I finished read a book yesterday evening.
Last Monday i bought a new television.
Lunchtime for me is time to rest.
Last year my grandfather had a fly.
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