The photo was taken on the bitch. In this picture I can see me and big sea. In the foregrounf I see me in the background there is a few children and Baltic Sea. The children in the backgroud are wearing shorts. They seem to be happy. I am in the middle of this picture. I am holding a camera. I am wearing navy-blue shorts and short blue T -shirt. I have a yellow hat on head.

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This photo was taken to the sea. This is beautiful sun, blue water and golden sand. At the photo I am with my friend Michael, sister Anne and her friend Julia. On the beach playing volleyball in the ball. I am wearing swimming trunks and a baseball cap. From the side you can see the waves and the beautiful tall ship in the distance. The two girls are standing water and eating ice cream.

To zdjęcie było zrobione nad morze. Jest piekne slonce, blekitna woda, i zloty piasek. Na zdjeciu jestem z moim kolega michalem, siostra Ania i jej przyjaciółka Julka. Na plazy gramy w pilke plazowa. Mam na sobie kapielówki i czapke z daszkiem. Z boku widać fale a w oddali piekny żaglowiec. W wodzie stoja dwie dziewczynki i jedza lody.
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