PO ANGIELSKU: You have doing a class project on crime. Tour teacher has asked you to write an essay about the following statement:

Any student caught stealing at school should be immediately excluded. You should state whether you agree or disagree with the statement.

Write your essay!

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Crime - the concept of crime means a set of offenses under penalty of law, and committed on the territory of a territorial unit. Crime is a social phenomenon

Crime may also be considered from the viewpoint of its breadth, depth, structure and dynamics. Crime and its level determines the number of factors. Among the factors criminogenic factors can be distinguished by specific and general.

The first group should include features and personal offenders, integrated situational, psychological imbalance, frustration of individuals, social groups, the disintegration of informal ties, formal organization in action, alcoholism, dysfunctional families, faulty operation and parental educational systems.

To the other, poverty, injustice and social conflicts, unequal distribution of wealth, poor health status of the population, dominance of one social group over the other - based solely on the possession of wealth or power or authority, frustration caused by failure to meet the basic needs of existence, human, mass exploitation, unequal opportunities in life and misery caused by human stringency of the codes and regulations have been in disagreement with the views of society, old people or unfavorable legislation applied to many rigid social strata.

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