Czy moze mi ktos poprawic wszystkie bledy w tym tekscie?

A lot of polish people are moving much fast food.
On average Polish people ate 3 meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Only sixty percent Polish people ate breakfast. We usually eat for breakfast
cornflakes, scrambledeggs, sandwiches with cheese and ham.
Some people eat a second breakfast at school or at work.
The second most of them breakfast apple or a dougnuts.
Majority Polish eat dinner at home, but thirty-five percent eat lunch
in a restaurant. Traditional Polish dinner is pork chops,broth and cabbage.
Majority people eat for dinner only from the second dish.
Dinner Only 1 / 3 Poles in August because many people for weight loss.
Many Poles are overweight, but it is 1 / 3 are underweight.
I think the Poles are bad diets, and they are not healthy diedy
because they have too many calories.
Poles should eat much less fast food



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