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First association
Mohawk, a safety pin, anarchy
Assumed that 6 July 1976 (Sex Pistols concert in club "100" in London) is the date that begins with the development of this movement.
The British believe that punk was created by Malcolm MacLaren, Bernie Rhodes, Jamie Reid and parcel of their friends. With their initiative, formed the Sex Pistols and The Clash, they roamed the cities of annoying all the funny clothes, fryzurami, violence, cursing and swastikas.

Generally, punk, whose initial assumption was the lack of any ideology, over time, transformed the socio-political movement directed against the institutions which, they believed members of the motion, limit the freedom and independence of man's government and its apparatus of coercion - police and army, organized religion, the media, big corporations, etc.
The starting point was a critique of ideology punks surrounding reality. They denied the whole social system, from a family that was where the cultivation of certain fixed value, the large institutions of political and economic ora of the rules governing them.

Punk styling went far beyond music, as reflected in the fashion and everyday behavior. Punks is characterized by almost theatrical style of dress, this effect is achieved by altering the finished clothes: prucie, coloring, decorating metal ornaments - chains, studs, stripes, writing a term in style: No future, No hope, etc. are also often found leather outfits. Jewelry often serve as a razor blade or abrasive (which became almost a symbol of movement). Their difference punks tried to express exaggerated makeup and specific fryzurami - carelessly cut, nastroszonymi, dyed different colors, sometimes formed in the so-called. irokezy (short cut or completely shaved hair was left in the middle belt of long hair).