Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Death penalty has been a very accute issue during the recent years. People wonder whether it is fair and moral to sentence someone to death. I am still not certain if I am for or against it.
First of all, death penalty is the most severe kind of punishment that man can be sentenced to; life is the most valuable thing that human beings own. However, if someone has killed people doing this conciously and on purpose then they should be punished very severly for this kind of acting. What's more, I suppose that there does not exist any kind of other punishment that can be the conpensation for killing a human. Despite these facts I am still hesitating about the death penalty issue. What I am concerned about is the chance of making a mistake. We can never be sure whether the convict is guilty or not. Try imaging a situation when an innocent person has been wrongly accused of a homicide, I just cannot think that such a situation can happen. People cannot take away someone's life unless they are more than 100 % sure.
All in all, I think that death penalty is probably an accurate and suitable punishment if one has killed a man, but when I take into consideration mistakes that sometimes happen it turns out that it is not the best solution a judge and police can make.
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