Napisać 10 zdań 5 co wolno robic w polsce i 5 czego nie wolno robić(np. sciagaj buty zanim wejdziesz do domu, zapytaj czy mozesz skorzystac z toalety itp.). ma to byc w formie malego wypracowania. ma to byc w j. angielskim.

z gory dziekuje




1. Take off your shoes before entering a hausehold.
2. Say "sorry" before leaving your guests or hosts (for e.g. when you are going to the toilet).
3. Order a drink before the main course if you are in an elegant restaurant.
4. Wait patiently before the lights change - no jaywalking!
5. Still talk when you are having guests (for e.g. about the weather)


1. Pick your nose in public.
2. Smoke in public.
3. Be rasist.
4. Smile at other people when you are walking along the pavent (some people might think you might me laughing at them)
5. Offence others.