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Hello Eve !
What have you been doing lately ? I had great time ! It is summer and I have a lot of free time so I try to use this opportunity as much as I can. The weather has been wonderful recently, it was really sunny and hot. Most of the time I spent at home but last week I went to the seaside with my friends. We took a train and in 5 hours we were at our destination. We stayed in a very nice hotel, there was even a swimming pool in our hotel but it was very cheap though. Everyday we were swimming in the sea, playing volleball and sunbathing. Sometimes we went to the disco and I met a lot of nice people there, both boys and girls. I really missed you and I wish you were there ! I spent there whole 6 days and it the whole journey was amazingly good. Tell me something about what you've been up to lately ! I hope you will visit me soon.

With love
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Dear Kate

I'm writting to you, because I was in Bulgaria two weeks ago. The travelling by bus was terrible, because it was very long and boring. We drave there for two days, but when we were there, we fastly went to the hotel. We stayed in "Saint Elena", it's four stars hotel. The weather was great, so we went on the beach and we swam in the sea everydays. In the nightI went with my family in the city centre, because shops were opened for 24 hours. I met there some new people who were verynice and funny. There were very beautyful, but after 5 days we must depatured from Bulgaria to us country. Maybe in next year, ew went there for long time.
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Hi Moni!
There is vacations it over sea, you need that, in order to break off (break away) from ordinariness. There was excellently. To day on sun with fathers (parents) wylegiwałam, but it was begun evening (in the evening) life only. I have met familiar on my old beach case (accidentally), we have been learned on competition from mathematics 2 year ago and so as zakolegowałyśmy, I know it short time (sometimes) as well as " " zaiskrzyło, so, as we have run on beach already on it, it beguile it decide dignify. We have gone on performance and there I have learned wonderful boy. Till now it keeps (maintain) with (from) before contact will stuff though we live some (certain) 600 .km. Łeba, Beach, performance. There was Super, it beguile will stuff that I will repeat it for year and this time give induce.
I salute.
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