Mam zrobić projekt na temat ulubionego sportu, odpowiedzieć na pytania po angielsku.Projekt znajduje się podręczniku do angielskiego na stronie 35.
Around the World
1.Where is it popular?

The players
2.How many players have teams got?
3.Who are your favourite players?

Your Country
4.Who are the top players in your country?
5.Is your national teaam good?
Z góry THX



Np. baseball
around the world (dokoła świata)
where is it popular (gdzie jest popularny)
it's popular in USA.

There can play four players (tak pisze w necie xD)
my favourite players are the USA national league

your country
in my country there play nothing in baseball, because it isn't a popular sport in Poland
we haven't got our national team

mam nadzieję że pomogłam
2 5 2
Basketball is popular in America and Europe .
One team is allowed to have five players on the court.
My favourite players are : The legend Michael Jordan , LeBron James.
In my country the top players are Marcin Gortat , Maciej Lampe.
Polish national team isn't the best but during the Euro Basket 2009 they played quite well.
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