Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Following fashion is a waste of time and money. Do you agree?

There is no doubt that everyone wants to be admired and look shiny. Some people are so used to this kind of life that they spent bilions every year to look in their opinion good not only the parties, celebrations but also in their everyday life. Well, that is in my opinion waste of time and money. Why should people spent so much money and time, because finding the best clothes, getting a make up and all those things you have to do to look shiny takes a lot of time, to like a giant insect every day? That is just crazy what modern fashion does with our lives. Even if we do not like something we would get dressed in it because it is fashionable, so we do not only waste our time and money but we do something against ourselves, against our personality.
All in all, it is up to you if you will follow your personality and your likes and dislikes or the fashion, just to make your friends jealous.
This way it is waste of time and money. is not needed people valid to daily needs or to nothing else. thigh should save money to something more beneficial