In july the sun is smiling with joy.Butterflies are kissing the flowers.People are sunbathing.Birds are singing.
In april birds are rehearsing a song.Flowers are opening their eyes.
in november clouds are looking down.snowflakes are dancing around people.
in october leaves are changing clothes.the wind is breating out.
He is a winter great when it's snowing then we can super play with np to go to the skating rink, to make a snowman but my favourite play is throwing light snows. I like the spring therefore since everything looks beautiful and he is waking from hibernation, flowers of days are blooming are longer. I like the summer the most since there are holidays then he is warm and I can a bit lounge about, to go with acquaintances above water and to dig oneself and to tan. too much I don't like the autumn since there is the worst weather then both so sadly and grimly.
1.W czerwcu zaczynają się wakacje, więc jest to mój ulubiony miesiąc.
-In June , the holidays begin, so this is my favorite month.
2.W grudniu są Święta Bożego Narodzenia. To najlepszy czas na dostanie prezentów.
-In December is Christmas.. This is the best time to get gifts.
3.We wrześniu zawsze zaczyna się nowy rok szkolny.
-In September, always starts a new school year.
4.W lutym mamy dwa tygodnie wolnego.
-In February, we've two weeks off.