My house is standing in Warsaw by the Marshal's street. It is a quite great ten-floor block. Apart from my family there several dozen other residents still live. The tenement is grey, only little fragments above a few windows at the front are painted into different pastel colours. A schoolhouse and nursery schools and other housing blocks built a little bit later are neighbouring it. The entire housing estate is little and very neat. Of passing buildings around these are paveed lanes planted with trees or green lawns, there is also a sandpit for children and the playground. The block is divided in four to every of cages is constructing the separate entry. It is a little French window which are usually locked up because an entryphone is on every gate. The flat is mine on the second floor, in the building he isn't supposed so to get the lift oneself it is possible to it only walking up the stairs. A flat is three rooms and the kitchen, occupy one room my parents, the other my brother and third belongs to me. Windows of my room are facing to the South therefore he is very sunny. Just under the window a desk is standing and close by the bed and the little section. In spite of the fact that I have my room a lot of time I am spending parents in the room and in the kitchen sometimes I am dropping in also to the brother. A house isn't for me only a block and a flat but above all my parents and siblings. Thanks to it is them I am feeling safe and loved still willingly I am coming back to our flat.
Mam nadzieje ze jakos pomogłem :)
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