Dear Jack !

It's my birthday next Saturday and I'm going to have some mates round. Would you like to come ? We'll have a barbecue in the back garden. There'll be a lots of burgers, sweets, crisps, etc. so you needn't bring any food. Just bring some CD's because I havent got any.

Hope you can make it.


A)I would like to invite you to my birthday party on the 5th December.It is starting at 4 pm. It will be nice if you can take video camera with you because I don't have any. All guest have to wear blue clothes. I hope to see you at the party !:)
b)I would like to invite you to the christmas eve on the 24th December. It is starting at 6pm. You can take with you a wafer(opłatek). You should wear a suit. Marry Christmas!!!
c)I would like to invite you to my carnival party on the ....(data) in my home. It is begining at 8 pm. You have to take something to drink with you. You should wear funny costume ! See you soon :)
cordially invite you to the prom Derek carnival, which will be held on 22 November this year. meeting-place club is Sarah, 4 Concrete Street Invited please disguise in anything and bring together masks. I invite you to 17 hours