Hi! I would like to sell my house. The house is situated in the countryside. Quiet, calm, or everything you need for happiness. Is eight. It has 4 rooms: kitchen, bathroom, toilet. It is the house floor. Pantry is in the basement. Garage has 2 cars. Backyard is large. Located on the pitch to play football because I had 3 sons who adored to play it. I recommend this house to people who grew tired of the city.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
The house for sale is situated in the countryside. Surroundings are calm and beautiful. The house is 8 years old, it's one-storied, and it contains 4 spacious rooms. Two bedrooms, one living room and a room for children. There's also a fully equipped bathroom situated between living room and kitchen. In the kitchen there is a fridge, a cooker and a dishwasher. There's only one toilet, but it's rather big. The hall is also very spacious with some hat-stands what lets you to hang clothes over there instead of going to the wardrobe. Living room has a balcony with flowers. In the unedrground there is pantry. There's also a cellar over there. In the outside there's a huge garage. In the yard there are some trees and a swing. Above the living room there's an attic connected with the rest of the house by stairs.