-hello.are you ready to order?
-yes,I thing so
-what would you like?
-I^d like a margherita pizza,pleas
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
-Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon. Can I help you?
- I want to order pizza.
- Wait a minute ... yes? Large, small or medium?
- Large ask.
- We have the following additions: tomatoes, cheese, mushrooms, salami, ham, chilli, and pineapples. With what do you want?
- Hmmm ... which was recommended to me?
- I think the best is with cheese, mushrooms, salami and chillies.
- So ask. - Something to drink?
- Two Colas
- Well, time will be 28.90 zł
- Pays you cash or credit?
- Cash
- Thank you

My favorite dish is spaghetti. Straight up and prepares them to be delicious. At the beginning we need about 0.5 pounds tomatoes. Add them in boiling water so that the skin went. Then cut the sausage. about 2 large pieces. In the meantime, substitute for spaghetti noodles to be cooked. C tomatoes in purée and place on hot griddle. Add to the sausage and mixed. Appetit!
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