My best friend name is Karolina. She's 14 years old. Karolina is from Łuków but now she live in Warsaw. Her eyes are blue and her hair is long and red. She is very friendly and funny. She loves swimming. It's her passion. She has got fishes. She like surfing the internet and drawing. I like her very much because she is true and every time happy.
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My best friend^s is name is Julka.She*s tall.She*s got long brown hari and blue eyes.She*s very helpful.Julka helps me to chose when we do the shopping.she*s friendly too.she*s got a lot of friends.Julka is also clever so she does well in school.She*s got some bad points as well.She*s a little lazy.Sometimes she rather watches tv than goes out.But she*s still my best friend.
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I have a friend whom im very fond of called ann. i have known her for 6 years. she has got 18 years old. and she lives in warsaw.

ann is medium height and slim. she has got a fair complexion wuth freckles. she has got dyed black hair and green eyes. she usually wears in jeans and t-shirts.
ann is very candid and intelligent. moreover she is responsible so i can always count on her when i have a problem. i can also trust her. she is a friendly and sociable girl. she is chaming and chatterbox too.
my friend likes animals. she has got a cat callek kitty. furthermore she likes dancing so she often goes to the disco.
tosum up, i really like her. im very lucky that i have known her.
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