My first day in school
there was in 19xx year .I had 7 years old and i dont remember every much.now I have XX years old and It was a long time ago .

I stood up from bed at 7 a.m I didint like wake up early .
then I put on beautiful dress.It was green with stripped.I had wonderful pums and I was very luckly as never.
Several days earlier i bought pin rucksack with barbie .It pleased me very . I was glad and i didint know that i check in school.My Mum cooked eggs for me because I liked It!
When i ate my breakfast i went my Mum to school.Beginning of school year started at 9 a.m
everybody stood before building.I begun perceived stress but my Mum assured that there will be well and i belivied her.
When bell rang whole children went to school.My Mum looked for my class and we entered to classroom
i sat down on chair witch new girl.I thought that maybe there will be my friend
my home room teacher was very kind .she talked about school and tomorrow day .she gave up schedule for us
it signifies my mum wrote my schedule because i didint know to write else and i wanted very
when my homer room teacher complated said my class went sightseeing the build.we saw gym witch yellow walls and library with books
i met my head teacher .She was elder woman but she was very nice.She talked with us .First classes had to walk to swiming pool .I feared...
in school was extra -curricular activities .Maybe i took part on accupation but i didint remember.pupils was very pleasant.
when commencement finished i wetn with my mum on ice cream .that day is very funny and i spented very nicely.

Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
The first day of the new school year. Lessons started at the 8.45 hour. I got up at the 7.00 hour and I commenced the performance morning czynnośi: washing teeth, combing hair, getting dressed itd.
When I was already ready I set off to the school remembering, in order to oneself not spóżnić. Polish was the first lesson with our class tutor - p. With Marysia. For you she dictated book which we will be doing in the second-class to the notebook to us as well as she told us about 'achievements koniecznych'' which are applying to us this year. Up to the end of the lesson for you she surprised me. She gave the homework which now I am just doing. I wasn't pleased for this reason...
An English was a next lesson. During this lesson we played the game which was supposed to check, where we were on holidays.
Then she waited for us... mathematics. At the beginning for you she dictated points associated with material which we will be doing in the second-class to the notebook to us. I was horrified and surprised, that material would be so serious and difficult. but it wasn't an end. For you she reminded us that in a week the first test was already awaiting us from the symmetry. Then it dawned on to me that a new school year had started and it is necessary simply to study, and to leave memories from holidays for breathers. There was a religion class after mathematics. Geography was a next lesson. Through the entire lesson she told you to questions asked by the class, which teachings had been associated with the new material.
Former history last lesson. We remember material from first class (first-class) a bit . All lessons have ended about 14.25. Although there was first day in school after return from vacations, it nicely and I have spent this day nicely.
My first day at school was very interesting. When I came to school I saw a completely new faces. When she came my new mistress that we went to class. The new school is very interesting, because I nadziję that it will be a lot going on.

Mój pierwszy dzień w szkole był bardzo interesujący. Gdy przyszedłem do szkoły zobaczyłem zupełnie nowe twarze. Gdy przyszła moja nowa pani wychowawczyni to poszliśmy do klasy. Nowa szkoła jest bardzo ciekawa, gdyż mam nadzieję, że bedzie się w niej bardzo dużo działo.