Przeczytaj i odpowiedz na pytania.Please come to my 12th birthday party!Date:25/5 Time:From 2,15pm to 6,30 pm.At:My flat!Flat14,Park House,Wood Green.(My flat is on the second floor,Its the Fourth flat)Bring your CDs-we want to dance!From Charlie 1.What time does it start? 2.What time does it finish? 3.Where is it? 4.Where is Charlies flat? 5.Which flat is it? 6.What do you have to bring? 7.Why?-to są te pytania do tekstu na które musi być odpowiedz.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. Party start's at 2.15pm.
2.The party finish at 6.30pm.
3.The party is in Park house, Wood Green.
4.Hes flat is on the second floor.
5.Is the fourth flat.
6.Bring a CDs.
7.Because we want to dance.