Mam napisać krotkie wypracowanie po angielsku na temat jakiegoś wynalazku. Wstęp-kto wynalazł, rozwinięcie- jak doszlo do wynazlezienia, zakonczenie-dlaczego ten wynalazek jest wazny itp. Tak myślalam ze moze to byc o peruce albo lornetce . z gory dzieki!!:) potrzebne na poniedzialek



Governance of communication: telegraph, and telephone. In 1887, physicist Heinrich R. Hertz discovered electromagnetic waves, and three years later Eduard Branly constructed a device for detecting these waves (koherer), which then refines the Briton Oliver J. Lodge.
As the creator of the radio is considered jednka Guglielmo Marconi, who in 1894 invented the radio communication. He experimented with a primitive transmitter, which provoked a spark radio waves. First, send signals to the length of the room, then the receiver ustawiał out of doors, and then his brother and brought the receiver for reception of the hill and signaled by a shot from a gun. As a result of experiments and improvements in 1894 increased the scope of its equipment up to 10 km. In 1896, Marconi received a patent for his invention of the British. In March of 1899 years has established radio communications through the Channel, then to 150 km at sea and in the December 1901 year by Atlantic.
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