This trip to London is fantasic! I love this city, people, atmosphere! It's really great!
I would like to tell u, what I've already seen.

First, four days ago I went to the center, by tube train. My destination station is located near Big Ben, the characteristic London's clock. It's really big and beautiful moniment! There's a lot of things, which make him more fascinating. After this there was a time, for ride on the "London Eye". There is amazing view for city and suburbs! After this I went to the hotel.

Three days ago, there was a time for next beautiful monument - Tower Bridge. I was impressed! It's so amazing bridge. And Towers on this aren't so small...

Two days ago, I spent my time in the park, near Queen Elizabth's palace. I saw there a lot of birds, flowers, peacocks and squirrels! I think that I will go there few times.

Yesterday I had relaxing day. I was a little bit tired, but I met new friends from London! :) We had great time, and planned next meeting.

I hope, that you have a nice time in Poland too!
Remember, that I'll stay here only three days more, so we will meet soon!

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