-who old are you
-i"m 12
-who your mum is taxi driver
-no,there isn"t
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- Honor (worship) what make you -?
I execute lessons - you but?
I read book
- break can make
- and we will go on pizzas I can not
- because I must supervise junior (youngest) sister
- damage it for I at I
- come amuse (play) good < goods (right) >? I will be it 20 minutes - good < goods (right) > too I wait
- for seeing 20 minutes
- too for seeing -
-hello,am i know you?
-ofcourse,I was on the concert with your friends
-oh yes, I remember now!how is your name?
-oh, so what is up?
-oh is good. Are you busy tonight?
-so how about going to the restaurant?
-ok,which restaurant?
-yyy, how about Italo?
-ok, Iam looking forward to it! bye!