On Saturday when I don’t work and I don’t have school, I get up at 11 o’clock. Then I make coffee and the breakfast. In this time my wife goes for a walk with our dog Tiger. At 11:30 we eat breakfast. After breakfast we are cleaning the house and next we go shopping. Then my wife makes dinner. We eat dinner and go for a walk with Tiger. In the evening we go out to the disco and meet with our friends. We come back to home at about 2.00 a.m. and we go to sleep. On Sunday we get up at 12 o’clock. I go out with my dog and my wife makes breakfast and strong coffee. I come back and we eat breakfast and drink coffee. Then we are watching tv or films on the computer. At 17.00 p.m. sometimes we go to the cinema but usually we go to my mother in law and my father in law and we play scrabble. After this we came back to home and go to sleep. That is my favourite weekend. But it looks different when I have school or work at the weekend.