Napisz list nieformalny do swojej angielskiej przyjaciółki Betty. Zrealizuj podane punkty:
- co się zmieniło ostatnio w Twoim życiu
- pochwal się że masz nowego chłopaka
- opisz swojego chłopaka i napisz co robicie w czasie wolnym
- napisz ze w ten weekend idziecie na lodowisko
Wyraź nadzieje na szybkie spotkanie
wszystko ma mieć 120 słow.. pamiętaj że to list ma być w czasie Present Perfect...POMOCY ! ;(



Dear Betty,

how are? I'm sorry I haven't written for so long but i was very busy.

the last month i moved to new house in warsaw. you know - new house, new school, new friends so i havent got any spare time. i have known new curious places here. i'd like to tell you something - i have a new boyfriend! he is really cute! he is very handsome - is tall and slim. he has got black eyes and hair too. i do like him! in our free time we go to the cinema, cafe, pub or to the walk around a park. and you wont believe! we are going to the skatong rink at this weekend.

it is all for now. I hope we will meet very soon. write soon.

best wishes

Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi Betty
How are you? I lived in flat, you know. Two month ago I moved to my new house. It close to my old flat, but there I have new neihbour. In house nearest mine, lived some handsome and intelligent boy. His name is Krzysiek. He is two years oldest than me. We have meet in bus, and very like each other. Now he is my boyfriend! He has got blond, short hair, brown eyes and he is sweet. I love spend time with him. Yesterday we have eat supper. He was preparing delicious meal. In our free time we love going for a walk, and watching romantic films. This weekend we ar going to go to ice-rink.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Love, XYZ