W: Good afternoon. How can I help you?
C: Good afternoon. I'd like to book one table in that corner.
W: Of course, it will be booked. Anything else?
C: Can we have a menu?
W: Here you are.
C: I'd like to have a greece salad, a meat and some potatoes. For dessert I'd like to have an apple pie.
W: Would you like to have someting to drink
C: Yes, I would like to have a tea with lemon and sugar, please.
(after the dinner)
W: Do you like our dinner?
C: The dinner was delicious, but the tea was too cold. I've never eaten so delicoius apple pie like this.
W: Allright we will heat up it next time.
C: Can I have a bill please?
W: Here you are. That's 25pounds all together.
C: Thank you very much. Good bye
W: Good Bye.
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