Imagnine that you have bought one of the electronic devices on page 54. Then choose a fault from the ideas in the box below or invent your own.

you can't turn it off
the pictures are black and white
there's no sound
it's very slow
You Can't switch it on
You can't play your old CDs / DVDs / game on it

Napisać list z reklamacją jakiegoś przedmiotu, używając powodów np tych które podałam. Jeżeli list będzie napisany do wieczora, dam więcej punktów.
Przedmiot do opisania może byc dowolny np mp3 lub inny. Przedmioty podane są w książce na str 54 matura solutions pre- intermediate wydawnictwa operon.




To Custom Service Manager,

On 15.11.2009 I bought a digital camera at your store. I am very disappointed because your product has not performed as it should. First of all, I had some difficulties with charging the battery, which I charged for 10 hours and my camera didn't work at all. I charged it for another 15 hours and then it started to work properly. Secondly, the camera takes really blurry photographs and I cannot change any settings to solve this problem. What's more, the pictures are only black and white and I have also some problems with turning the device off.

I look forward to hearing from you and to a solution of this problem. Please contact me by phone 555-55-55.

Yours sincerely
I wanted to advertise purchased MP3, as does not have sound and I can not (switch on) its ), I condole with it, that I waited three months for package and price was superior ( than it, which was served in announcement on your internet part. I am convened very, as I thought, that you are reliable service, obviously I was mistaken . Please, about expression of cost of package and object, I have bought which ). I am convened very and never I will buy from you already. With respecting,

rose amanda