Hi Amanda!

I'm from Warsaw, this is a town in Poland. Do you knew it? I very like my town, because i'm born in Warsaw.
My town is the most popular with the tourist, because we have got Warsaw Syren and old houses. Tourists love shopping in my dad's schop with the newspapers. Warsaw is beautiful at night and also in day or evening. I'm very proud of this town. Ill you walk to me, to my town, will by very funny. We can swim in the Wisła in summer, and do ice skating in winter.
I'm propouse to you weekend in my town. Do you like it? Ofcourse. When?
Answer fast.
Dear friend's !
My new city is beatifull . I like big clock . Its very much lovly . Come on withe me .
Your friends
Dear John,

how are you? I'm sorry I haven't written for so long but i was very busy.

i havent told you yet that i live in gdansk. it is a beautiful city situated in nothern poland. my city is very popular among tourists. we have got here many monuments, old churches and the most important thing - a Baltic Sea. I do like gdansk especially for sandy beaches where i sunbathe in the summer and swimm in the sea too. but it isnt everything - there is also many pubs, clubs, cinemas so i have never bored here.

i have got an idea. would you like to go to the gdansk at weekend? Looking forward to hearing from you.

it is all for now. give my regards to your parents. Hope to hear from you.

best wishes