My room isn"t big, but it is very nice. The walls are blue (it is my favoyrite colour). There are two pictures on the wall. There is a bed and a bookshelf in my room. On the bookshelf there are books and my CD player. There is also a desk with a chair under the window.On the desk there is my computer and a photo of my friend. There is a colorful carpet on the floor. I have also got three flowers in my room . I do my homework , listen to my CDs, and meet my friends here. I like my room very much !
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Description of my room

In my room is a large bookcase and blue łózko.Ma large desk on which the jet, and computer accessories szkolne.Ma carpet the color blue in the big squares. My room is painted in two colors blue and yellow. In my room I like to spend time because it gives satisfaction to me that I was in his kingdom.