Uzupełnij tekst wyrazami z ramki.

taller, the tallest, cleverer, the best, more interested, the cleverest, more hardworking.

My class is the biggest clas in the school and I think that it's (1)...... Peter is the tallest in the class- he's 1.54m, but in general the girls are (2)..... than the boys. Ella is (3).... girl. Everyone is quite hard-working but I think tha the girls are (4)..... than the boys. The boys are (5)..... in the girls than in their work! Jen is (6).... student in the class- she always comes top in the exams. She's definitely (7)....than Mike, but don't tell him.

prosze. na jutro mi potrzebne jest ;)



2) more hardworking
3) the cleverest
4) cleverer
6) the best
7) more hardworking

to tyle co wiem, nie jestem pewna czy dobrze, ale moze chociaż trochę pomogłam ;)
1- more interested
2- taller
3- the tallest
4- more hardworking
5- the cleverest
6- the best
7- cleverer
Nie jestem tego na 100 % pewna,ale chyba tak:
1.more interested
2. more hardworking
3.the cleverest
4. cleverer
5.the tallest
6. the best
7. more hardworking