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Niedzica Castle

You do not have a second facility in Poland, which would be linked to so many amazing stories. In this castle situated on a high rock above the River Gorge there is a really unusual atmosphere. And no wonder - there is jailed Janosik and other thieves, and instruments of torture are preserved today in the dungeons of the castle. There refuge Umina Inca princess who, before his death skrytobójczą hid under the threshold of the Middle Castle, a testament of the Incas. There apparently appears sometimes in the form of special guests to the White Lady of the spirit of the last owner of the castle, Ilona Salamon buried 35 years ago at a nearby cemetery. And sometimes just go out the candles, you can hear steps on arcades in charge of the courtyard.

Mysterious atmosphere, enhanced by the special "Labyrinth" architecture of the place makes it extremely go Niedzica spirytystyczne screenings. Willing to provide information of ghosts come to call the whole multitude. Unfortunately, most of them bełkocze or speak Hungarian. Masters of ceremony say that the spirits of the prisoners tortured in the dungeons or former Hungarian owners and their services. Our informant had witnessed such a seance, which was a disaster foretold a dam on the Dunajec river - it did take place in 1999 Fortunately, the prediction is not fulfilled. Next to the tower so you can enjoy the Upper Castle, a magnificent view of the vast countryside and the unfortunate dam, whose construction aroused so much emotion on the lagoon, whose waters sank Czorsztyn part of the settlement.
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Bieszczady Mountains, which is where the devil says goodnight
Have you ever been in the Bieszczady? If not, zalujcie, that's still kawal wild and uncontaminated nature. A Bieszczady mountains - poloniny although look quite mildly, are not at all easy for untrained tourists. Apparently in the 70s when I went Polonina Wetlinska black con. People - so few in this area, chuck him, wanting to feast bread. Kon Rzal, diverged piece and stopped, as if invited to go behind him. Follower behind him lost their trail, fell into ravines turning leg. Kon then dissolved in the fog.
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