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I wanted to introduce my national feast
Fat Thursday: Favorite holiday lovers buds (the last Thursday of Carnival)
International Women's Day: in this popular holiday time PRLu women giving is traditionally carnations. Also today, many women get flowers, but hardly anyone knows that this day was established in the United States to commemorate the death of 129 women in a factory fire in New York in 1908 (8 May)
First Day of Spring: celebrated by students who are traditionally the day go on truancies (21 March)
April Fool's Day: a day psotów and jokes (1 April)
Children's Day: Parents make the pleasure of children, endowing them with sweets, for example, or taking them to the zoo. (1 June)
On St. John's Eve (Eve night) that night omens relate primarily to love and marriage. It is in this shortest night every year bloom flower fern. Traditions says that whoever finds it will lead a happy and prosperous life, but beware: your happiness and wealth can not share with anyone. (24 June)
Andrew: according to pagan tradition in the day wróżymy, often pouring the wax (29 November)
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Hi Kate ( czy inne imię ) XD

How are you? It's all right here.
I would like you to talk about feasts that are here in a Polish - but don't all.
The feast which we celebrate , and which other countries don't celebrate it on November 11. When Poland regained its independence.This day in television we watch films of war, or parades in big cities.But. I don't like it.
Do you know something about the world of the third of May? In Poland this feast is very important.This is the Feast of the Constitution.Constitution passed May 3, 1791. that day didn't go to school or work. =) . The feast is also Warsaw Uprising.(1 August - October 3, 1944 [3] [4]) - the occurrence of armed forces against the occupying Warsaw organized by the German Army.
I think, that I wrote a lot . you also think so? Write me , how feast you compass. Im very interesting.

Natasza. ( lub twoje imię poprostu).

Przepraszam że tak mało świąt ale nie mam pojęcia jakie są jeszcze, takie ważne =D
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