1. If I have money, I'll invite my friends to the cinema.
2. If I get new computer, I can speak with my friend from Belgia.
3. If I make a cake, I'll be cheerful.
4. If I swim every day, I'll be strong.
5. If I go to the Uniwesyty, I'll be very clever
6. If I eat a lot of sweets, I should go to dentist.
7. If I gimnastic all day, I can dance.
8. If I do my homework, I'll be good.
9. If I have a new moblile, I can call to You.
10. If I go to the hairdresser, I'll be perfect.
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*If Anna doesn't eat dinner, she will be hungry.
*If you help me, we will finish earlier.
*If the weather is good, she will go to park.
*If Peter get enough money, he will buy new jeans.
*If you don't do you homework, you will get a bad mark.
*If you don't help me, I won't go to the cinema with you.
*If she don't tidy her room, she won't go outside.
*If I get a computer, I will write to you.
*If we want to change our lifestyle, we will eat properly and regularly.
*If he buy new t-shirt, he will go to a disco.
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1)If we don't buy tickets now, there won't be any left.
2)If our environment changes, we'll be different.
3)If we live in space, we won't need strong arms.
4)All humans will be similar if we produce clones.
5)They'll create more robots if we don't survive.
6)If we win the elections, we will reduce the taxes.
7)If we're late for class, our teacher will be angry.
8)If we take a taxi, we'll arrive sooner.
9)If you lend me your bike, I'll let you borrow my skateboard.
10)If you don't wear your pullover, you'll feel cold.
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