Do każdego z podanych zawodów napisz pięć zdań - zalety i wady danego zawodu.

blue collar worker
white collar worker
child minder
five fighter
civil servant

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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Blue-collar workers have dangerous work. They must ready for anything. Their jobs requires manual labor and a lot of time. Blue-collar workers can develops their skills. It's advantage.

White-collar workers's jobs aren't dangerous, in contrast to blue-collar workers. In example White-collar workers are teachers. They have opportunity to share their knowledge with students. They can know many people. This work provides intellectual development.

Chef is very good job. If he/she likes cooking, this job is ideal for him/her. Chef can work and get money for something which gives him/her pleasure. This work isn't dangerous or exhausting. Disadvantage may be only burn up while cooking.

Accountant has a lot of paperwork. She usually spend a lot of time in work. In result she has no time for private life. Disadvantage is fact that in accountant's work is not possible to professional development. On the other hand accountant's work isn't dangerous.

Child minder is pleasant job for people who love children. They can spend time playing with children. Through this work people have chance to become very sensitive. Care for children develops imagination. Disadvantage is maybe looking after of rude children.

Journalist's work isn't dangerous. Except this is work in gutter press. These journalists must be careful, because they often write stupid gosspis. We know that people don't like this. Journalists in radio, TV or magazins have opportunity to meeting with celebrities and other interesting people.

Librarians have calm and quiet job. They can read books in library all day. It develops their intellect. Reading books induces to thinking. I don't see any disadvantages in librarian's work.

Vet's job is very important and maybe difficult. But I'm thinking that it's good job for someone who loves animals. This job gives them chance to help animals. But vet must be really responsible, careful and experienced person. This isn't work for all.

Politicans are well-known. They can be at everything important events. They have more rights than ordinary citizens because they have immunity. Politicans haven't hard work, but earn so much money. Disadvantage in politican's work is fact that they haven't a lot of time for their families.

In example civil servant is policeman, fireman or doctor. These jobs are difficult and important. Policemen and firemen have very dangerous work. Civil servants have a lot of work. They haven't any time for their private life. On other hand civil servant's work provides many experiences.

Priests haven't hard work. They confess people and give them advices. In their work they can know many people. Priests can't have family.