The groom on their wedding day too late, he left home. When the taxi arrived to the church turned out that this is not the church. He tried to catch rate. Motorbike rode up to him. Rode with him and take him into the good church. Blew it. Then he was already married to a beautiful woman.
First the groom gets dressed and the he goes to the wedding.
first he goes to the wrong church and then to the right one.
he has a nice hairdo when he leaves home,but after the motorcycle ride it is awful.
first he catches the motorcycle and then gets off.

to nam pani na lekcji dyktowala
wiec napewno jest dobrze
Hard time of my wedding was approaching. I was wondering are you sure everything arranged. Yes. Everything is under control. I boarded the taxi, barely watched and I was already in place. I gave the taxi driver a tip and went to church. The ceremony began. The priest asks me "Do you take yourself a wife .......?" Oh no! This is not my wife! I ran from the church with a strange grin on my face. I stopped the man on a scooter. I explained to him what was going on and this lift me the proper church.
I met my beloved. We said as sacramental, marriage ended successfully.