Dear Marcin,
There was my birthday yesterday and it was probably the best day of my life. Everyone were very nice and I got a lot of beautiful presents. This day was really fantastic. With evening, when I came back from the training, my family and friends surprised me with nice surprise. Everyone they sang Happy Birthday and they looked really great. The room was decorated into colour balloons. I blew candles out and and made and wish. A birthday cake was unusually colourful and to it was delicious. I got a lot of presents. From the mum and the Dad I got MP3 player and from the sister I got computer games. From friends I got, photograph album from the childhood and a lot of variuos things. Long we talked and we laughed. And I will always remeber this day.

To napweno nie 120 slow ale mozesz uzyc cos z tego ;)
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Ok, nazwijmy Twojego kolege np. Kamil

Dear Kamil,
Thanks for your last letter, it was very interesting. Now I want to tell you something about my last Saturday. There was my birthday! I was really, really exiting. I got up at nine o' clock a.m, and I was making a eat for that. The first guest came at eleven o' clok. I got a MP3 player. I was really suprised! He came ealrier than other guests so he helped me to do everything. Later, when everything was ready came my best friend, and my girlfriend. I got a book, and a model of plane. I was very pleased. Then I saw that rest people also came, so we started the party. From other I got a small car, bluses, watch, and very nice cards. We were playing a long time, and then my mum said me that my friands' parents came. I was a little sad, becouse we were very happy. The party was finished at sixteen o' clock. My girlfried stayed longer, becouse she wanted to help me. At the end, she kissed me and also go home. It was really great party.

Mam nadzieje ze sie nadaje. Jest ponad 120. Pozdrawiam!